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Friday, 28 March 2014

Abstract Art - Spotlight Technique - Art Journal Page

I've been working in my Art Journal again and I was inspired to try what I call "The Spotlight Technique" which I saw originally in a U-Stream Class given by the lovely and talented Limor Webber.

This technique involves creating a colourful background to which you add various interesting stamped images.

The next part is the hardest and was very much out of my comfort zone as it involves covering a vast amount of your lovely artwork with black acrylic paint.

Take a circular object (I used the inside cardboard tube from  a Kitchen Roll and also a small plastic desert pot) and choose several places in your artwork that you think are the most interesting. Using the circular object as your template, draw around them with the black acrylic paint, brushing outwards and joining several circles together.

This draws your eyes into the spotlighted areas and creates a very interesting effect.

The finished background before adding the black acrylic paint

Interesting areas enclosed by circles of black acrylic paint creating a "Spotlight" effect.

Below is my YouTube video showing the step-by-step completion of this page.

click on the above image to watch


  1. Just thought I would check in to see what you were up to. Loved the vid! I'm so excited to see you creating such wonderful journal pages!! You're having a great time. Love the technique you highlighted. Cool effect. Enjoy! Hugs~Terry Y.

    1. Thanks Terry. So nice to hear from you again. I appreciate your support and I hope all is good in your world.